Great Sites for Online Casino & Gambling Fans

The below sites are those which editors have visited in the past or recently that they believe are quality sites that offer players within useful information pertaining to the world of online casinos & gambling online.

UK Gambling Portals & Websites - This page featured on provides players with a listing of all major land based casinos found across Britain. - This page is ideal for those seeking information on the UK Gambling Commission and how the regulation of online gambling sites in the UK works. - Website for players within the United Kingdom who are seeking help with gambling problems. Provides info, help line details and other information to get help. - GamGare is the UK's national help service for assisting people with gambling problems in getting help and assistance that they may need.

US Gambling Portals & Websites - The national council for problem gambling assists players in the United States with getting help with gambling problems and provides all related support services. - Likely one of the most recognized organizations for helping people who have or are developing gambling problems with a major presence in the United States. (USA) - This page on Ildado a well reputed gambling guide offers a listing of land based casinos found throughout the USA organized by various states casinos are located in.

Canada Gambling Portals & Websites - The website is the official website for online gambling of the British Columbia Lottery and Gaming Corporation. After some initial issues they have prevailed as the leading licensed online casino and gambling website in Canada. - Guide that focuses on assisting players located in Canada with finding the best online casino options in which to indulge in playing with along with other helpful information about Canadian online casino gambling. (Canada) - This page on the Ildado website provided a listing of Canadian land based casinos that are organized by provinces that the land based casinos are found in. - A resource to assist Canadian based individuals who have or are developing problem gambling habit to seek out and get the help that they may need. - Yet another great service that can assist players based in Canada that may have a gambling problem to get the help they may need.

South Africa Gambling Portals & Websites - Page that offers a comprehensive listing of South African land based casinos with links to their websites, phone numbers and other useful information. - Offers players from South Africa a means of getting assistance with gambling problems both though information available on the site as well as help lines and though e-mail.